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Classics, Ancient History, Religion and Theology

Photo of Mr Edwar Hanna

Mr Edwar Hanna

Honorary Associate Research Fellow


Edwar is a social development practitioner and urbanist who has worked and studied in the MENA region, Europe and Asia. He has a specialized focus on the role of communication and urban dialogue as participatory tools for social justice and human rights. With a MSc in Development Planning and a previous BSc in Architecture Edwar has an interdisciplinary approach to academia and action research. He has professional expertise in project management, capacity development, research, and community engagement; and he has co-founded his own organisation, the Syria-focused urban activism platform Syrbanism. As Project Manager at C4D Support, and international development agency, he has led capacity building consultancies in Egypt, Nigeria, Lebanon and globally for NGOs and UN agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO and UNFPA.

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