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Classics, Ancient History, Religion and Theology

Photo of Dr Nicolo

Dr Nicolo' D'Alconzo

Honorary Research Fellow


I was born in Padova, where, some time later, I also learnt Greek and Latin and completed a BA and an MA in Classics. I spent some beautiful years in Swansea for my PhD, and I came to Exeter in September 2015.

My main area of interest is the Greek novel, and, more broadly, literature of the Imperial time. In my doctoral thesis I have analysed works of art as a unifying feature of the novels, which has expanded my field of research to ekphrasis and rhetorical theory and practice, and also to iconography and theory of art. 

Office hours: Tuesday 9:30-10:30, Thursday 9:30-10:30. Amory B378

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- Greek novels

- Ekphrasis

- Literature of the Imperial age

- Rhetorical theory and pactice

- Phantasia


- 'Concepts and Conceptions. Reading Aithiopika 10,14,7', forthcoming.

- Review of S.J. Harrison, Framing the Ass: Literary Texture in Aulius' Metamorphoses, Oxfrd, 2013. Journa of ClssicalTeacig 16 (31),2015.

- 'A Dypticby Evanthes: Andromeda and Prometheus (Ach. Tat. 3,6-8)', Ancient Narrative  11, 2014.

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